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Dear clients, owners and real estate brokers

We are looking for properties with the following characteristics for our clients, contact us to do business together.


If you have a property that you want to propose to us for any of these requirements, please contact us at 8727-2424/ 8838-3416. Email: 

We look for properties that are generating income, properties of a corporate nature with good tenants. We have clients actively seeking.

- Warehouse for rent: approximately 800-1000m2 within the GAM, with type 2 industrial land use for storage and distribution of frozen food products with availability of three-phase electricity, 10 parking spaces and motorcycles. Office space for approximately 15 people and a maneuvering yard for 48-foot containers and a respective loading and unloading dock space.

- Warehouse for rent: 450m2 office warehouse with 100m2 mezzanine in Heredia.
Indispensable triphasic, easy mobilization and access. They need 5 parking spaces.

- Warehouse for rent: 1000m2 in the area of Uruca, Tibás, Calle blancos. Good electrical installation. Maximum $5/m2, preferably.

We are looking for land for sale: of 10,000 m2 type of land in green, it must be possible to build at least 5,000 m2 of the land. Interest of the area in the GAM. Industrial land use type 3.

- We are looking for an industrial lot for sale: to develop a logistics warehouse of 10,000m2-12,000m2, so it is looking for lots of 1.5ha to 3ha in the GAM.

- We are looking for industrial for sale: 2000m2 in the Uruca area, Paseo Colon, Barrio Mexico for automotive product storage.

- We are looking for an industrial: lot of 1,500m2 to build a 1000m2 warehouse with a mezzanine of approximately 300m2 and the remaining 500m2 of the property for a maneuvering yard. Interest in the area of Coyol de Alajuela, Turrúcares and near Belén, Heredia. Mixed land use. ​

- Commercial land: from 2,000 to 3,500 m2 for the construction of supermarket-type premises. Various points of interest areas for transnational clients that we advise exclusively. click for more details.

If you have a property that you want to propose to us for any of these requirements or you want us to help you collate it with our brokerage team, please contact us at 8727-2424/ 8838-3416 /

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