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Luis Ramirez
Associate director


America Free Zone

Office rental with excellent amenities! 

Offices in Heredia

Free zone strategically located in the heart of the three provinces of Costa Rica with the highest concentration of qualified labor force (Alajuela, Heredia and San José).


With great ease of access due to its proximity to the main routes and bus stops.

A business community willing to develop office projects under the free zone regime, which is attended in an interdisciplinary manner by a first-rate human team.

America Free Zone has spaces available to triple its development of buildings.

Do you want your office within the free zone regime?
We show you the different environments that America Free Zone has!

Infrastructure of the buildingscios

America Free Zone  energy management, the ilNatural and artificial lighting of buildings, as well as intelligent systems, are managed from their conception in the design stage.

With footprints that take advantage of between 75 and 80% of the space, with wide spans between columns that are around 10-12m apart, free heights between 3-80 and 4.20m with adaptability to suspended ceilings or exposed ceilings.these.

America Free Zone has:
200,000m2 of construction.

150,000m2 rentable.

Spaces available.



-The Free Zone has different types of restaurants and cafeterias. In addition to ATMs, sPharmacy and clinic services.

-It has a storee convenience with wide diversity of products.

-Agency to rent vehicles and heliport, Sports Zone with a synthetic soccer field, tennis court, outdoor gym, athletics track, as well as showers and changing rooms.

-Events center with capacity for 250 people. 

It has a wide range of transportation to the different provinces of the GAM.

LEED Certification 

In the America Free Zone there are a large number of buildings that are LEED certified for Core & Internationally recognized by Shell - the incorporation of aspects related to energy efficiency, the use of alternative energies, the improvement of indoor environmental quality, the efficiency of water consumption, the sustainable development of open spaces and the selection of materials .

Contact us! 
Reserve your space today in this project to be delivered in 2021. 

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Building B City Place, Santa Ana, Costa Rica

Phone: +506-8727-2424

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