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Tenants and Buyers Representation

Optimizing your costs and decisions in real estate projects

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When it comes to tenant representation, Newmark has the most expert and comprehensive methodology available on the market. Our approach begins with creative, independent and visionary advice that aligns with the clients goals and focus. We understand that optimizing our clients; workspace is not just about the tangible benefits, but also about the intangible ones.

Through sophisticated planning strategy, detailed decision analysis and specialized internal resources, among which are: project management, financial analysis, market research and work area strategies, Newmark develops solutions for tenants that improve the operation of our clients and exceed their objectives.

Our division analyzes a company's current use of space and whether it can meet its future capacity requirements. In order to determine if a renovation or relocation is better suited to a client's needs, we abstract their lease and compare the remaining obligation to prevailing market conditions, both at the submarket and build levels.

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