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Luis Ramírez
Director Asociado


La Sabana Tower

Business center consisting of seven buildings that cover more than 22,000 m2 of office areas. 

Interested in an office center with the advantage of having nearby services? Torre Sabana is the indifallen! 

Offices available for rent


-Location privileged and strategic in South Sabana.

-Next to La Sabana Metropolitan Park, main lung of our city and sports center.

-With basements of private parking and outdoor parking For your customers.

-It has recycling programsin conjunction with the Municipality of San José.

-Office center is connected to the CNFL sub station of Anonos and Uruca.

-Space in the building roofs to place power plants or antennas.

-Security 24/7.

Total area available from230m2to the610m2 



Building B City Place, Santa Ana, Costa Rica

Phone: +506-8727-2424

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