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Cattle Farm

For Sale in Upala de Alajuela

Land for Sale in Upala de Alajuela

Industrial lot for sale

in Carthage


Industrial Lot

in Ochomogo Cartago

IMG_6067 (1).jpg

Livestock farm of 752 hectares.

Available for sale at: $6,000,000

Industrial lot of 3.7 hectares.

Available for sale: $2,200,000

Properties available for sale in Alajuela 

Commercial property  Villa Bonita de Alajuela
It has a total of 4077m2, in front of the General Cañas Highway.

Property available for sale in Greece

Commercial property  in Alajuela 

It has a total of 11,126m2

Dynamic business environment 

Entry to Greece
Church of Greece

Property available for sale in Barrio Escalante 

Commercial property  in East San José

It has a total of 3700m2

In an area of great added value and fashion.


escalante terrain location.png
escalante volumetry.png

Industrial lot for sale in El Coyol de Alajuela

Located in Alajuela, near Dos Pinos
and Coyol Free Zone

With a total of 28932 m², a coverage of 50%

Commercial propertyon salein Nunciature for vertical development with permits


Industrial property on salein Limón for development with permits 

Lemon Property

Lots in Solarium, Liberia for commercial, industrial and residential development.

You will find rental and sale options, with cellars 6-8 meters high. Ample parking, three-phase and possibility of interconnecting units according to space requirements. 

area from:240m2-720m2

Sale price: $1,800.00

Rental price: $1,800.00

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